Graduated from Qatar Academy with a total of 33 IB points - 2012

Work Experience

ICTQatar : Internship working together with the Information Technology Department in charge of internal systems and the Hukoomi Website. - December 2012

Awards and Honors

Recieved 4 academic Honor Awards for outstanding academic performance Term 1 Grade 9, 2008 Term 3 Grade 9, 2009 Term 2 Grade 11, 2011 Term 1 Grade 12, 2012  

Academic Qualifications

Admitted in to Carnegie Mellon Qatar College of Humanities and Social Science under the Information systems program.   Graduated from Qatar Academy with a Total of 33 IB points   Presently partaking in the Diploma program as part of the International Baccalaureate...


Fluent writing and speaking in Arabic Fluent in Writing and speaking in English Limited Knowledge in Beginners French.


Excellent command/knowledge of computer and mobile technologies. Enthusiastic and cooperative in group work situations Able to complete tasks within a deadline.